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Friendly Felon’s Workbook Series Book 1

A printable guide to getting your life back on track after a conviction. Bad background? No problem - find everything you need to build your foundation for a better life today!


Hey guys!


I’ve been creating individual workbooks that you can use to build a better foundation for life after a felony. Begin picking up the pieces of your life and start moving forward with the first Friendly Felon’s Guide to Life Workbook. There will be more workbooks coming to the page – so keep checking in so you can grab your copy today!

You can purchase it here or on my new Shopify page: TheFriendlyFelon Shop

I can’t wait to help you find your personalized path back to the life you want – no matter what your background says! Just click the payment button above, and be sure I get your email address (You’ll get a confirmation email from Mail-Chimp, ensuring that I have permission to send you your booklet links! – be sure to look for it!).

Support the Friendly Felon now so I can keep upgrading the website and continue to bring you the content you need to build a better life after your felony.

Love and Peace – Aza