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I’ve busy been creating individual workbooks that you can use to build a better foundation for life after a felony in addition to the state by state Guide to Life that is now available. Begin picking up the pieces of your post-conviction life and start moving forward from your felony background with the first set of The Friendly Felon’s Guide to Life Workbook series. There will be more workbooks coming to the page – and more new books – so keep checking in so you can grab your copies fast!

These workbooks are aimed to have a positive impact on those struggling with the long-term collateral consequences that many reformed citizens experience after release from prison. Support the battle to reduce recidivism and purchase a set today!

Workbook Links

Get a Grip on Life : Workbook One

Big Goals & First Steps : Workbook Two

The Guide to Life After  a Felony Links

Print Edition – Microcosm Publishing

Ebook Edition – Amazon / Kindle

Ebook Edition – Smashwords / All Readers

Letters of Love and War: The Tale of Taylor Edwin Links

Ebook Edition – Smashwords / All Readers

Ebook Edition – Amazon / Kindle

Support the Friendly Felon now so I can keep upgrading the website and continue to bring you the content you need to build a better life after your felony.


Love and Peace – Aza