Spiritual Experience Search

Hey Readers! I’ve been busy adding to my books, and there’s no update on the ticket situation yet, so I’ve been slacking on my posts again. I’m sorry, but I’m back now, and a ticket update is coming up very, very soon. I go in to talk to the court later this week, so keep […]

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Misinformation is Abundant

Set the record straight, do your homework

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Bit Distracted – Sorry!

Hey Readers! It’s been a super crazy few days around here. Not only is the weather behaving like a toddler on a tantrum (nice temps/horrible ice/ repeat) – but my beloved vehicle took it’s last trip this last week. Well… not quite, it has one more place to get to. At 400,000 miles (yes, you […]

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Interesting Reads – List of the Week

Hey Readers! I’ve been browsing the catalog again! There’s a lot of nifty books in this list, check them out below: (Strong Brains, Sharp Minds) (Digital Media Skills) (Job Guide for Nurses) (Doctor Who Stuff) (Learning on the Go) And that’s my collection of interesting reads this week! If you […]

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Smashwords Profile

Hey Readers! I’ve updated my profile page at Smashwords – one of my online publishing sources. Just click the link there, and you can check it out. Maybe take a look around the site and see what all the awesome indie authors out there have to offer. There’s a lot of interesting things always being […]

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