Additional Re-entry Resources

Greetings Readers!

Tis the holiday season – so I’ll be keeping things a bit shorter this time. I’ve put together a list of some of my favorite felon friendly websites and felon friendly job sites. There are a couple of pure information sites too – so there is a little bit of everything helpful here. Enjoy!

The List of Links

Let’s dig right in:

Felons Get Hired

This one has a built-in job board on the site – what a great idea! In addition, there are a ton of great topics that address specific obstacles that felons can face after conviction.

Collateral Consequence Resources

These guys have brought together a TON of resources from every state for you. These guys are a favorite research resource of mine and deserve major kudos.

Jobs for Felons Hub

Jobs, jobs, and more jobs! These are reportedly felon-friendly employers – so get that resume built and go for it!

Help For Felons

More after conviction resources – and a financial help area! This is helpful if you need more guidance with budgeting and financial options available for felons.

We Are All Criminals

This site is a little different than the others – but it’s proven eye-opening to everyone I share it with. Give it a shot. Go on. I’ll be waiting here patiently.

Returning Citizens Second Chance Jobs

These guys publish a variety of helpful tips, information, and stories about returning citizens that bolster support and give hope to their readers. This link goes to their Second Chance Jobs page – which features employers in numerous states.

Anyway, that’s all I have for this week – so be sure to check out some of my other recent posts on Building a Resume, Getting Through Interviews, Dealing with Background ChecksExtra Work From Home, or peruse my selection of books!

Love and peace, Aza










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