Letters of Love and War: The Tale of Taylor Edwin

Letters of Love and War

Hey Readers!

New Self-published Book

I’ve been having panic attacks over this thing, so I’ve pushed myself to just “throw my hat over the fence” with it. I finally published a very personal story near and dear to my heart. This hybrid story came to me through a combination of passed down family stories and carefully stored handwritten letters.

Aligned Timelines

After hours and hours of deciphering, transcribing, listening, and generally percolating on ideas and research – I finally began to write out the outline. Funnily enough, it was right around the one-hundred-year mark of the first letter in the stack.

Now, while I didn’t quite make the deadline I wanted with this one (I’ve been talking about this one for a while honestly – see archives if you don’t believe me), I am actually pretty pleased that the current publication date is closer to the 100th anniversary than originally intended.

Tomorrow is the 100th year since WWI was wrapped up – and we now have a brand new personal perspective of the war from an American soldier – before, during, and just after the Great War.

Find it Now:

Smashwords: Letters of Love and War



Cover design by:

Paulann Egelhoff (portfolio and more), recently interviewed by Voyage Phoenix. She has a delightful variety of styles and designs – some favorites include pet photography and digital designs – but check her out for yourself and show some love!

That’s all, for now, guys – Remember your Veterans this Veteran’s Day, and thank them for everything they had to leave behind and sacrifice in the name of freedom and sanity for all.

Love and peace – Aza E.


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