Freelance Writing Quirky Topics

Hey Readers!

Since I’ve been so busy recently with my freelance writing, I thought it might be fun to share a (continually growing) list of the various topics that I’ve been hired for. Things might get a little bit weird… but that’s okay.

Quirks are cool around here.

Aza’s Writing List

-Coca-cola fact list

-Digital Agencies

-Automotive History

-Mythical Erotica 1 (Elf and Werewolf -per request)

-Working Mom Life


-Uganda History and Current Struggles

-Serving 101 (Waitress Guide)

-“How-To’s” on pretty much every sex toy out there

-“How-To’s” on basic kinky behavior

-“How-To’s” on advanced kinky behavior

-Housewife Life

-Winston Churchill’s Life and Career

-Finding Success as a Working Mom

-Hiring Better Employees

-Product Descriptions


And this will be updated as I continue to add new topics and skills! Won’t it be fun to see where this goes?

Thanks for stopping by! Check out my book if you don’t mind – just search the Guide to Life After a Felony at your favorite eBook retailer, or get it in print through the link at the top of the page!

Love and Peace,



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