Bit Distracted – Sorry!

Hey Readers! It’s been a super crazy few days around here. Not only is the weather behaving like a toddler on a tantrum (nice temps/horrible ice/ repeat) – but my beloved vehicle took it’s last trip this last week.
Well… not quite, it has one more place to get to. At 400,000 miles (yes, you read that right) … there is only one place it can go. (Cue dramatic horns) – The Junkyard

It makes me sad.

What makes me more upset, is that I had to do the most adult thing I think I’ve ever done.

The dreaded auto loan.

While I plan to pay a huge chunk down with the tax refunds, I’m still cringing every time I look at my account now.

However, I will say that having something newer is sort of nice, even if it’s sort of soul-crushing in another way. Especially as a felon, I never know for sure that my income is going to be solid. Even with a good work record and what feels like a hundred other positives to outweigh the negative, many employers will take the easy route and fire the felon at the slightest sign of trouble.

It’s not an easy thing to face – as many of you know, but I’ve also learned that it’s important to prepare and to trust that you can roll with the punches that life often throws.

Believe in your goals, find the path to reach them, and never give up. Just because something causes anxiety, doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t do it. We are more than our past, and we can all rise above it.

That’s all for now – Love and Peace


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