Extra Work at Home

Hey Readers!

I thought I might compile a bit of a list of all the various online work I’ve tried out over the years. There are a lot of decent online jobs and many are fairly relaxed about who they hire (no worries fellow felons) – some are even easy ways of building your very own business where YOU get to be the boss.

Let’s dig right in:

  1. Fiverr – This is favorite freelancer friendly platform, Fiverr allows you to create a variety of Gigs to sell online. You can offer digital services – like writing, voice overs, video editing, graphics, art and more – as well as physically shipped items. (I’ve made a killing with my clay rune sets!) Check it out HERE
  2. Observa – This is basically an inspection gig, where you get notified of stores in your area that need certain products photographed. It helps if you live near a large city for this – as smaller towns don’t have as many opportunities.
  3.  We Go Look – Another inspection based job, get dressed up in some professional looking garb, go to your accepted job, take some photos of damaged vehicles or property and upload them in the app. It’s super simple, and you can make typically $20 per job. Again, much better results in a larger city, however, I was able to make about $100 per month even in a rural area – when the gigs were available anyway.
  4. TranscribeMe – This one is great for any of my typists out there. Got those wicked fast fingers and good hearing? This one is for you. Listen to recordings and type out what you hear – following grammar rules of course!
  5. Zazzle – If you’re into playing with PhotoShop and creating cool images – you can create all sorts of products with your designs and sell them for free on Zazzle.
  6. Writing Ebooks – If you love to create stories or if you’re a research aficionado – writing and publishing (in any way) might be a great opportunity for you! Smashwords, Amazon KDP, and many others are great places to start!
  7. UpWork – This is another freelancing site, and it’s similar to Fiverr, but has a lot of differences. Check it out and see what you can earn!
  8. Inbox Dollars – This is one of those survey sites, and while it can be really annoying to go through, there is the real potential to make a decent side income here. I tend to rely on the Scratch and Win – after letting the TV section play for a while. I’ve been back with them for about a month now, and I’m already up $10 with minimal work.

Well, there you have it, a good place to start for working from home! And this is really just a small sample of what is available out there on these wide webs. 😛

Don’t forget to like and comment what your favorite side job is and what has worked best for you!

Love and Peace – Aza


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Quirky mom and freelancer with a background. I've had trials and triumphs, and hope to help others find their path to a career and freedom from their problems.

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