Pushing Personal Boundaries

Hey Readers!

Seemingly unrelated topic today!
I agreed to go to a local event with a friend last month. It’s a Thrive after 5 event, and I’ve been convinced to go up and speak about my experience while using Thrive. (Sorry if the mention of it kills your interest – I really do have a point with all this!)

I’m sort of losing my mind today, because it’s finally really hitting me that I’ll be out in front of a crowd, and will in all likelihood – will forget everything I want to say and simply blush myself out of existence. I’m more introverted than anything, and the idea of talking to a group of people in person is somehow more terrifying to me than anything I can imagine doing.

Even so, I’m still making myself try.

This is one of those things where I also had to ‘throw my hat over the fence’ so to speak.

To explain: I’ve posted before about using Thrive by Le-Vel, and thanks to my reluctance to use my psychology powers to make people join me – I usually have to pay for my own product. I really love it that much, it’s easy to keep using it when you don’t have to pay out of pocket – but I’ll go the extra mile just to keep this in my life. It’s that much of a game changer for me.

However, my wonderful promoter offers to help me out fairly often, and in exchange for helping me a couple months ago, she asked me if I’d help her with this event. I happily obliged, mostly focused on taking the opportunity for a break on my supplement costs – things were slow at work and this would make it easier to keep everything afloat. I had some idea that I’d be really nervous later on in this deal, but I knew future me could deal with it – right?

Well, here I am, and again, while I don’t much care for this sort of thing, I know it’ll not only help my friend, repaying her kindly for her assistance, AND it will continue making me a more rounded, and less fearful person. Who knows, maybe I’ll even find a way to enjoy the spotlight – if I’m lucky.

I’ll update later tonight and let you know how it goes. Maybe this will help me get a better grasp on how far I have to go when it comes to speaking – since it’s something I intend on doing as part of my living – I might as well dig into the practice. Wish me luck!


So, I was worried for nothing!

I’m not sure if it’s just my bad juju, or if the team just didn’t do enough marketing of the event because it was so far out of our normal region, but it ended up being a nice night out for just the three of us that had planned on speaking. It was a total flop. Not a single other person showed up, and we had this entire section booked for the night. How crappy is that?

And, what’s worse, is the food that we ordered was ridiculously tiny for the price. The kid’s chicken strip basket was the same price as our cheesy chicken and bacon platters, and had at least 5 more ounces of meat on it. All in all, for the 3 adults and two kids that ate – we spent over $120. (One of the kids had a 12 oz sirloin though, so… that probably didn’t help. lol)

Oh well, it was my first night out in years, and even though it was a fail, it was worth a try. I nearly had my nerves under control as we pulled up to the the event – so… that’s progress right?

I also feel that I’ll get pulled into the next one, so I know I’m not out of the woods of anxiety yet. But, I’ll keep pushing forward, and making myself do things I’m scared – why? Because it’s good for me.

What fear do you need to work on? Share below and let’s get talking!


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