Stop Thinking ‘I can’t’ …

Hey Readers! Hope all is well for you, and if not, that it gets better soon!

I was meditating on the various topics to post about on here, and one thing I realized I hadn’t talked about yet – is how I’ve changed my perspective in relation to my background and to life in general.

There are a couple experiences I’ve had over the years that really made me realize just how much I’ve begun to apply my determination to succeed in all aspects of my life.  Strangely enough, they are the experiences where I was denied – sometimes repeatedly and with passion.

Let’s delve in, so I can explain how it hit me last night.

The first experience that comes to mind where I didn’t let a denial stop me, was when I had to have dental work done. My addiction to all of the energy drinks (I’m talking 5+ large cans of the stuff each day for years) had taken its toll on my teeth, and it was time to pay the piper with partial dentures so I could keep smiling. I was assured I’d be covered for what I wanted to be done, and well, only after the extraction did my dentist bother to tell me that my insurance wouldn’t cover the partials I’d need to smile fully again.
Total bummer right? Not exactly. Instead of hiding out in my house and never leaving or working with people again – which is what I wanted to do at first – I began to research how to make my own.
And guess what… I have had perfectly fitting partial dentures for aesthetics ever since then, that I make in my own home.  For anyone that is interested – I get my kits from Monster Makers – adapting a novelty dental kit to my needs. While these aren’t a permanent fix, they’ll get me through until financial statuses improve. ** No, I don’t get a commission from them and they don’t condone using the product for this purpose. But, they’re the most efficient place for me to buy the kit from because everything I need is included. You’ll screw up a few times if you try it out, but as with all things, you get better with practice.** I also like to make special Halloween teeth just to freak people out around the holidays – It’s pretty awesome in its own way – which is yet another silver lining to that whole experience. I learned how to do something new that’s actually pretty complicated – new skills for the win!

Another time where it really sank home that I’d changed my perspective is when I finally applied for college courses in 2012. I was getting fed up with working hours and hours of endless overtime and still not being able to pay all my bills because I couldn’t get a decent paying job. I reached out to a few colleges and got accepted by the ones I wanted. Did I ever stop to think that my background would stop me? Not really. I did make a point to bring it up in every interview, just to give the advisors a heads up, but because it had been over 5 years, none of the advisors I spoke with gave a damn about my theft record.  I didn’t let the idea of it overwhelm me like it would have in the past – when I was still freshly released and in a totally different mindset that was focused on the negatives.

Did I ever think that I wouldn’t find a way to provide for my needs in these examples? Nope. Not once I finally realized that ” where there is a will – there is a way”.

I remember how years before this point in my life, I would have never even tried to do anything because I would have figured right away that I’d be denied anything and everything because I was a worthless ex-convict. (Totally not true by the way – for any of us – don’t let that mindset take you!)

I have to give my second father credit for helping this sort of mindset be possible though. He was an aviator (if I haven’t told you before), and he was a curious fellow. He gained a bit of notoriety in our community because he didn’t let inconveniences stop him. Here’s the story on that:

Dad began building a section of a wing for an airplane that he was building (and it wasn’t the first or last one…..). The fun part—-He began it in an upper bedroom of his house and forgot to move it as the wing became bigger and bigger. ….So.. as the wing grew in size, it couldn’t join the rest of the project downstairs in one of the large sheds he used for hangars.
Instead of stopping, giving up, or taking the thing apart to move it…. he decided to keep on, and just use a chainsaw to open the exterior wall of the room when it was done – so that he and his family could bring it out.

Yes.. there are photos somewhere… and I’ll try to update this eventually to share them once I find them and get permission from the family to do so. It’s quite epic to imagine – let alone see the proof.

But that’s just another example of how determination and creativity can bring you to a whole new level in your life! Always rise above the negative thoughts that chain you down – you CAN do ANYTHING you put your mind to.

That’s all for today guys! Love and Peace



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