Random Vent Post

Hey Readers!

Dropping in to talk about some of the crappier aspects of marketing today.

The family and I were heading back home after a stop at the local grocery store, and the radio was on an oldies station. (I adore the oldies myself, my first music experiences at home were based on the vinyl records that I found stashed under the t.v. cabinet.)

A song came on, and I was enjoying it, getting into the tune and the lyrics.. and all of a sudden, a phrase came in that had been stolen for marketing purposes. Specifically, the word ‘JitterBug”.

Suddenly, all I could envision in my mind (instead of a fancy dance scene with a rocking band) was an old phone commercial.


Anyone else remember that commercial? The clunky phone with larger buttons for ease of use for various generations.

I probably just have an issue with marketing in general (…okay, I won’t lie,.. I have huge issues with marketing in general), but still, my enjoyment of a song was disrupted by images of commercialization.

Anyone else experience this and want to share? Find the comment section and let us know!

That’s all for today folks, end of rant.



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