Raging Against the Ticket (Part Two)

Hello Readers! I’ve had my first court date about the ticket, and I’ll share what happened here.

I got to the courtroom early (as always, I can’t stand to be late to anything). I sat there, in the freezing cold air conditioning and waited for the dance of justice to begin. The assistant state’s attorney came in shortly after, carrying her large bin of filed cases and asked who was present for traffic court and without an attorney.

I was one of few that raised my hand, and we spoke for a moment about setting an appointment to see if we could work something out. I agreed to do so but still had to go through the motions of the first court date.

Apparently, when you’re being arraigned, you have limited options as to how to go about it. I’d read in other blogs how some people asked for dismissal based on lack of prosecution when the ticketing officer did not show up.

Well, I had the luck of her not showing up, and when my name was finally called officially, I attempted to do so. I got a smile out of the state’s attorney’s assistant but was otherwise denied my attempt to dismiss because it wasn’t a pre-trial/trial hearing. It was just the day that I officially made my stance as being not guilty.

I did, however, take a moment to ensure the photo of the approximate area was seen by the judge and state’s attorney assistant. I also quickly explained that I followed the statute of our state by slowing down to 45 mph and moving halfway due to both the no-passing zone, as well as the fact that the area is directly on a hill where one is blind to on-coming traffic.  I added how the officer had tried to quote a lowered speed requirement that in fact is NOT in the statute, so I want everyone to keep in mind that if you do your damn homework on your ticket or even your criminal charges, there might be some hope for you to get out of it in the first place.

After this (a rather pointless exercise, honestly, but it made me feel better to know that my statement is now on file – since the court typist took every word down and I even quoted directly from the statue – kinda shocked the judge too -which is always nice – I LOVE when that happens!), I was given a new court date for next month and instructed again by the judge himself to get an appointment with the state’s attorney assistant.

I am looking forward to convincing her to dismiss the ticket and hopefully skipping out on another morning in that freezing and typically unforgiving room (it gives me flashbacks to jumpsuits, chains, and absolute misery).

At least, I believe I can get out of that courtroom once the state’s attorney’s office is on board with it, as they will probably take a note and simply say that they have dismissed it (if I am so lucky). Otherwise, I am hoping that I can convince them to allow me to simply offer community service in lieu of fines ($10,000 in fines would probably equal out to the rest of my life in service, but that’s better than having court fines in collections.

That’s all, for now, guys, I hope it’s been helpful and I wish you the best of luck in your own matters. I’ll update on this again once I have my appointment and talk with the attorney’s assistant (these guys are actually pretty helpful if you can be respectful and have done a bit of homework on your issue at hand)

Peace and love, have a great day!


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