Graduating! (Working around your Background )

So, I had the dates wrong on my countdown for finishing my Bachelor’s degree in Psychology, and it took me a while to remember to fix it, but I have. And guess what, I’m now a felon that has a Bachelors of Science degree in Psychology! I am living proof that our pasts don’t have to stop us from becoming better people. Seriously, the background can even help you depending on the career you choose to study for.

In my case, I want to apply my experiences as a felon into a program that will help other felons (and non-felons too!). Because I have managed to get my life back on track (messy as it might be, its what I have and what I LOVE), I want every felon to know that it isn’t the end of their normal life to have a conviction. You can move forward and you can be successful. You just have to want it, and figure out how to get it!

I have a theft record, so I had to work around what I knew I couldn’t work in. I have had to avoid corporate retail positions, because it’s often a waste of my time and printed resumes (precious, expensive ink and paper) often because corporate or state policy simply doesn’t allow a felon with theft to work for them (state seems to be picky about lottery too, so no gas stations either for theft records around here).

I chose psychology because I love the intricacy of the human mind and our emotions and how they drive us. I also love helping people with their problems, and have been the go-to for my friends both online and in real life for advice and guidance.Then I realized that with my background and my new expertise in psychology and life coaching, I could actually create my own career niche. There isn’t anything in my area that is directed to helping felons get back on their feet (the halfway houses around here don’t offer coaching, counseling, or any other actual support other than housing), and I recognized that there is a need for it.

I had to figure out my goals for the future, and what priorities I had to balance in my life. And I found that priorities change over time, so sometimes goals had to be adjusted to better follow what was currently more important. I had to even take a break from my college courses at one point because I was so drained from personal priorities that I couldn’t keep up with everything. So, self care had to become a priority over my educational goals for a period of time, until I was capable of adding it back to my personal work load. So, it isn’t easy, and the ability to adapt to your current reality is necessary to maintain your health as you push yourself toward your goals.

All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing that I’ve been through. My felony might have made me stumble, but it can’t keep me down in the dirt. If I can pick myself up, time and time again, holding my head high and continuing to move forward in life, I know you can too. If you need guidance finding your passion and need someone to be accountable to (it helps to have someone rooting for you, it really does), please e-mail I’d love to help you. First consultation is always free, and I am willing to work with your income after that, because I know it gets rough sometimes, and help isn’t always affordable. Love and peace my dear Readers, and hope to hear from ya’ll.


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Quirky mom and freelancer with a background. I've had trials and triumphs, and hope to help others find their path to a career and freedom from their problems.

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