Finding Funding for Felony Rehabilitation

Hey Readers! Thank you for stopping by again, I hope I haven’t disappointed anyone in my slow posts, but I’ve been working on developing a project to help start a nonprofit organization that focuses on getting felons back to work and back to a life where they don’t have to continue a vicious cycle.

It would start in Central Illinois, and would hopefully grow to be in every state within 15 years. We would provide transitional housing and life coaching, along with other educational programs that are aimed at improving the lives of those who truly desire to get out of the life of crime.

However, funding is proving difficult to find. And when I have found possible avenues, the sites want to charge ridiculous amounts for accessing the full information on the grants. So, if anyone has a passion for helping felons get back on track (even better if you’re a reformed felon yourself!), please comment and get involved with this project. I know I’d love to see it come to life and serve those who need it most.

If you’re interested in helping get something like this off of the ground, and want to help support my efforts toward helping teach local felons how to get back on their feet and stay out of jail, please click (or copy/paste) the link to my GoFundMe:

Or, if you need assistance yourself, I am now offering a series of personally developed programs (based on both my own experiences and statistical data) through my Fiverr Gigs. I offer varying levels of assistance with learning how to empower yourself and what you can do in your state to help lean the odds in YOUR favor for once, even including a full month of 3x a week life coaching sessions that will be perfectly tailored to your needs as well as offering the benefit of continued support for the entire month. To find our more, please click (or copy/paste):


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Quirky mom and freelancer with a background. I've had trials and triumphs, and hope to help others find their path to a career and freedom from their problems.

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