Writing Your Story

I’ve been hard at work researching, reading, absorbing and writing first drafts of my writing projects.

Benefits of Writing

And while writing is on my mind, I wanted to talk about how writing your story (how you became a felon) can help you put things into perspective. The insight that you might find through the practice of writing the story of your life might help you find your path to freedom again.

Shortly after my own incarceration, I found myself writing non-stop in my diary, talking about how I had got myself into the awful position I was in, how the people I thought were friends were just dragging me into dark depths, and how insane my experience seemed to be in general. Plus a million other things that flowed out once I put the pen to paper and let my brain essentially puke up everything it had been holding onto.

Writing Can Be Revealing

I started to realize that it wasn’t just my friends that had beguiled me into the situation and that I had to take control of myself for myself. I had to start being accountable for my actions and lack of actions. I had to figure out a goal and force myself to get there.

This realization helped guide me to where I am now. I have a happy son, I have supported my family on my own, I have taken control of my life and I won’t let anything stop me from being successful.

Felon or not, I was and am still going to find or build my path to freedom and acceptance in society. And I know you can do it too!

Point is, writing it (your problems, worries, waves of anger, anything) out can help you get outside of your head and might take a bit of the depression off your shoulders. It helped me learn more about myself and find out what I needed to change about myself – you never know until you authentically give it a shot.

Til next time,

Love and peace,
Aza @aza_enigma (Twitter)


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