First World War – a Love Letter Teaser

Hello Reader! Sorry about the sporadic postings here. I’m quite a busy momma bear. Between coursework for my psychology degree and the various jobs I hold, I am also currently working on a book.

What’s it about?

It’s a mixed fiction and non-fiction (hybrid historical fiction or creative non-fiction… I’m already confused) that is based on the experiences of my grandfather who served in the first World War.

I found a trunk of his things during the time when I was the main caretaker for my disabled mother, and the events that transpired through the letters were utterly inspiring.

So Many Feels!

It’s been an interesting experience sorting through the photos and letters, seeing these images and being drawn into the early 1900’s lifestyle through the letters that my great-grandmother wrote to her son and his future wife through the war as well.

It’s been very enlightening to learn about the various towns that he went through as he ventured outward from his hometown as well. Finding the information about them in that time period is somewhat difficult, but I’ve found a couple goldmines on just the subjects I needed, and I’ve also improvised a lot from what I imagine it was like just a hundred years ago. It’s odd to say it that way, but when you’re transitioning back and forth in your head as often as I am for the writing, you begin to see history differently. I’m glad to find a new perspective, and as a teaser, I’ll share one of my Grandfather’s UNEDITED war letters here.

Authentic First World War Love Letter

Dec 11 1917.

Dear May, We are still in the good old U.S.A. But I guess we won’t be here very long. Most of our baggage has gone and I guess we will be going somewhere tomorrow or next day. But I don’t know where, To France tho I think. There is no chance for me to get to come home at all. Sweet-heart, you don’t know how much I would like to be there. It would be so nice. I would feel more like going to F. if I could come home and see you and home. I didn’t think we would be here very long. This place is to nice for us to stay very long. Sweet heart, you may not get very many letters from Daddy as they say we are only allowed one letter a week so one will be yours and one mothers and mabey I will skip one to mother once in awhile. We have wrote cards already that we have arrived in France all O.K. They are all left here and when we get over there they send a wireless as a cabel that we landed all right. So after you get that card you will know we are there. I am going to try and wright some letters so you can read them up and down and across the page that is the first word of every line. Start at the top, It will take some time to figure out a letter like that. You can tell mother when you go down there. You may be there before you get this letter.

Sweet heart, dear you don’t know how much Daddy thinks of you. I have got your picture in the face of my watch now. So you see I look at you ever little while. It is the one where you have your sweater on. I cut out your face and pasted it inside of the crystal. With love and kisses from Daddy to the only one he loves. XXX. T.E. (Printed inside the envelope: Daddy is saving all his kisses for his little girlie. Good by and good luck for I think we are gone. Don’t worry about sending me any Xmas, you will do for some Xmas present when I get back. I can’t send anything at all for we are all broke. XXXXX T.E.)

Hope you enjoyed this teaser as much as I’ve enjoyed finding the whole collection of these. It’s astounding to have access to this sort of history and I’m thankful to be learning about my family’s rather interesting past. (Buy your copy here it’s in eBook – coming to print soon!!)

That’s all for now, till next time –

Love and peace,
Aza @aza_enigma (Twitter and Insta – follow me and share!)


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