First blog post!

Hey there reader! If you’ve found my blog I’m going to assume that you entered the dreaded words “felon friendly” into your search bar of choice and clicked this link out of curiosity for what advice I might have that has to do with those words.

Believe me, I’m familiar with the feeling. I’ve entered those words myself into the search bar, hoping for some new information about jobs that will accept felons. Trying to get an advantage on the playing field of society is not easy without a record, and is about ten times as difficult when you do have a record of some sort.

Despair not, as over time here, I will regale you with my own experiences, and some pro-tips (which may or may not work in your state or area, the legal beagles like to keep us on our toes which does require some investigation on your own) for how to get by in a world that is not felon friendly.

Some background that you might find interesting:

I’m a felon. Just over ten years ago, I made a crappy choice in who I hung out with and generally in the majority of my behavior (yay for teenage hormones, not) and I’m still suffering the stigma of my record all this time later. To be honest, it’s a Class 2 Theft conviction that I’m dealing with personally, and it’s my only one, but theft seems to take out a large portion of career choices even though it isn’t/wasn’t violent. Thankfully, I’m stubborn and determined to thrive regardless of my payroll versus freelance status.

I’m a mom! Within a year of my conviction I found out I had a little one on the way, and while I was super nervous about it, we’ve made it this far and it’s been pretty outstanding considering everything. He’s nearing double digits himself already and is already jumping on the computer software programming bandwagon!

I’m a psychology major. I’m just a few classes away from finishing my bachelor’s degree in psychology. I’m working towards becoming a rehabilitation specialist and creating a more positive response to ex-cons and felons and those with issues that they’d like to leave behind them so they can build a better future. This blog is my first small step into the waters.

So, all in all, I hope you enjoy as I venture into the world of blogging and helping fellow friendly felons regain their lives and futures!


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