Welcome to the Friendly Felon! As you can tell, I am just your friendly neighborhood felon and I’m here to share my good and bad experiences as a felon, my triumphs and the continuing battles that come with being a felon along with some pro-tips that can help you overcome your own background.

I will feature a majority of posts with tips and hints for felons, throw in a few posts with my struggles and successes with freelancing and my other creative/crafty endeavors, and on occasion…. post about random things that I find interesting or aggravating. For instance – Raging Against the Ticket is another good example of how research, a thrift store suit, and a good attitude can get you further than you think – even when I was quite outraged (think along the lines of Nick Cage’s GhostRider’s head). A favorite post of mine is:

Misinformation 1
Misinformation is Abundant – Click here for more!

I also share links to the print version of my book – The Friendly Felon’s Guide to Life After a Felony. (Thank you Microcosm) If you’re into eBooks instead, numerous retailers have me somewhere in their lists and you can find it by searching ‘Aza Enigma’ at your favorite eBook retailer (Amazon, Kobo, Barnes&Noble, etc). Smashwords has proven to be a valuable resource for me as an indie author – check them out, simply because they are super supportive.

Here on the blog, I’ll talk about some of the moments that I face while trying to navigate the professional side of entrepreneur-ing things, because they end up being learning moments that allow me to grow and I also know I’m occasionally ridiculous about things. It’s a fun time, and you might learn vicariously from some of my experiences while getting a laugh at my experiences – who knows.

In addition to this lovely blog, I offer a huge variety of services online and have created products that are available for sale (I’m a crafty type, I gotta just DO something with my hands and whatever supplies I have available – which is kind of a lot these days). Here’s a list of my current personal ventures that you can peruse at your pleasure and be sure to bookmark them – there will be lots of uploads coming over the next months that you’ll wanna check out:

Zazzle Store   – Celebrate Recovery – #MoreThanMyPast 

Fiverr – Content Writing, After Felony Life Coaching and more!

The After Felony Worksheet Workshop

And I’m working on a new Friendly Felon’s Guide to Life (After Prison)!

These examples are just a small taste of what a felon can do when they put their mind to taking control of their life! Prioritize your goals every single day and build on what we have learned from our failures. Just gotta keep moving forward!

I hope you have an awesome day and stay strong fellow felons! We got this!